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Clean Earth 2024

Clean Earth Rovers

Clean Earth Rovers is solving coastal pollution by deploying "Roombas" for marinas, ports, and harbors. Our technology is meant to help marinas and other coastal businesses operate more sustainably and at a higher efficiency. Our device collects trash, dead fish, marine debris, and oil from the surface of our coastal waters. They do this autonomously, while you and your team focus on your customers and their needs, not the trash plaguing your marina. Our device collects up to 100 lbs. of trash per trip. Not only does it collect trash, but it also monitors the quality of your water. This provides you with live data alerts about the health and safety of your waters; ensuring you and your customers are always informed about bacteria or toxic pollutant presence.

Michael Arens - CEO

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1912 Wallace Ave #4, Costa Mesa, CA
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