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As the new President a question you may ask me is “What is PCC all about?” well, we are a diverse international team of harbor masters, managers, directors of various ports and marinas focused on sharing best practices, learning new innovations of technology and related harbor equipment to support our maritime industries and customers. Our PCC leadership is highly focused on member networking engagement from basic operations to the use of new and improved methods of management. Over the past 50 years, PCC has continued its strong membership base with activities that engage in ways that can help improve member collaboration, teamwork and just having a colleague to confer with from a neighboring harbor to hundreds of miles away.

The Pacific Coast Congress of Harbormasters and Port Managers has grown from a small group of 7 people to over 150 members since its founding in 1974. Our membership reach includes Alaska, the Canadian Province of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California. The strength of its diverse membership clearly demonstrates what I will call “Cooperatition” as we all have personal work goals, and may have business competition, but we grow from our cooperation to make our industry stronger.

As we march into our next 50 years, I challenge everyone to be an active member, and be nothing short of a remarkable future for Pacific Coast Congress of Harbormasters and Port Managers.

Lastly, our fall 2024 conference will continue to be part of our 50th year celebration, as we enjoy some great Canadian hospitality. I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Full throttle ahead,

Sincerely Scott Grindy, President.